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nutritionist Decatur, IL

How are you feeling this week?

Now that the holidays are at an end, you may be feeling guilty because you went overboard on eating, spending, and doing for others.

As the new year approaches, it may feel natural to jump in head-first and make grand changes. But when we try to do “all the things”, it’s sure to backfire as we become overwhelmed fairly quickly.

Not all change has to be hard. Here are some tips to help you adjust the way you think and learn to pay attention to your inner dialogue. You are the only one who can set yourself free.


Let Go of Other People’s Expectations

Who are you living your life for? Many times, we feel the need to lose weight, dress a certain way, take a job we hate, all based on what someone else thinks is best for us. Then, when we find those people gone from our lives, we are stuck living a life that we never wanted for ourselves in the first place.

When you stop caring about other’s opinions, you become free to live in YOUR truth. Trust yourself and you will get where you need to be, in your own time.


Eat the Damn Cookie

Food is joy and don’t we all need more of that? As a Nutritional Practitioner, I help clients learn mindful eating. There are no “good” and “bad” foods. Instead, approach food with the mindset of, “Is this the right thing for me, right now?”

If you have decided that the Double Chunk Macadamia Nut Cookie, absolutely is the right thing for you right now, then I want you to have a seat at the table, no distractions. Pick the cookie up, savor it. Bring it to your face and take in every aroma. Chew it slowly, smile, and say a little prayer of gratitude. Gratitude that you have access to such a lovely thing, as a Double Chunk Macadamia Nut Cookie.

Now, if you say to yourself, “This is not the right thing for me right now, as I’m working on blood sugar issues”, then research some sugar-free alternatives to that cookie. And enjoy every crumb, along with a side of gratitude of having the knowledge to do what is best for your body.


Learn to Treat Yourself Kindly

I see you over there. Always dishing out the care and love for others, while leaving scraps of the same for yourself. In this new year, can you make a promise to be more patient, generous, and kind to yourself?

I encourage you to read, “The High-Five Habit” by Mel Robbins. It might feel cheesy at first, but starting each day, giving yourself a high-five in the mirror, along with a supportive phrase (mine is, “YOU GOT THIS!”), sets the tone for self-love and a celebration of the amazing person that is you.


Not all change has to be hard. In this new year, my hope for you is that you strive for progress not perfection.


To your abundant health,


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