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LED Advanced Treatments

Our advanced, non-ablative, light-based skin rejuvenation systems stimulate collagen production and regenerate aging skin without the inflammatory response and complications associated with laser skin resurfacing devices.

This risk-free treatment safely improves visible lines and wrinkles on the face with little or no recovery time and can be used on all skin types.




LED Brightening treatment

Activate collagen in this powerful, 1-hour session! Double exfoliation of enzyme mask, followed by a glycolic peel, pushes the cells to the surface of the skin for immediate and visible improvement.

LED red light therapy diminishes lines and wrinkles by activating collagen synthesis. This treatment also includes oxygen diffusion with hyaluronic acid serum, antioxidant eye masque, peptide lip treatment, and soothing massage of the chest, neck, and shoulders.


LED Blue light acne facial

Therapeutic light kills p. acne bacteria, reduces inflammation, and speeds healing, in this 1-hour treatment. Deep pore cleansing, followed by steam, expert extractions, and high-frequency oxygenation are included.

A light peel is administered only when it is appropriate for the skin condition. Healing antioxidant nutrients are infused with a detoxifying oxygen blast, followed by LED blue light therapy. A healing, calming, and soothing mask finishes this treatment.



LED Diamond peel

For those who want it all! This 90 minute, ultimate anti-aging duo includes the Diamond Peel Microdermabrasion to resurface the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and facial lines, plus LED light therapy to stimulate the growth of collagen and reduce redness and inflammation.

Deep pore cleansing, steam and extractions, followed by oxygen infusion of vital nutrients and hyaluronic acid serum are included. Enjoy a soothing massage of chest, neck, and shoulders while you are experiencing the rejuvenating benefits of LED photomodulation.




Red Light Therapy is a safe, non-invasive treatment that delivers red and near infrared light to the skin and cells. This full-body, drug-free therapy is 100% natural, FDA-cleared, and requires no downtime.

Ideal for anti-aging, wound healing, reducing inflammation, and fading scars and stretch marks. Helps to treat tissues, joints, and muscles. Our EMF blocking cage brings EMFs down to almost undetectable levels!



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